Rolling Academy Tours PGE

The “Rolling Academy” recently toured a PGE development site. PGE hosted this group of ten high school students from rural North Carolina who are engaged in a two week intensive Leadership Development Program. The theme of this year’s “Rolling Academy” is POWER. Following is their itinerary for their “boots on the ground” experience.

*Power of nature – Niagara Falls

*Power of humans – Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid,NY

*Power of teamwork – Canoe Expedition

*Power of activism – Women’s Rights, Seneca Falls, NY

*Power from the earth – Natural Gas Tour – Tiadaghton, PA

*Power of education – Penn State University

*Power of community – Homeless Youth Empowerment Center, Baltimore, MD

*Power of government – Washington, DC

The youth of today are tomorrow’s leaders. Youth who are confident in their ability to succeed and willing and able to push beyond obstacles in order to do so, will more readily step into leadership positions as adults.” Imagine the Rolling Academy…an advanced leadership academy using a bus as classroom, base camp, and vehicle for service and adventure challenges intending to grow individuals as leaders. The Rolling Academy is expeditionary with emphasis on individual growth and group development through perspective, challenge, confidence and opportunity.  To learn more about the Rolling Academy, visit

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