I&E Technician

The I&E Technician will insure the integrity and reliability of all gas measurement, communications, analytical, and control systems, as well as certain low voltage generators, motors, and control panels.

  1. Responsible for programming, installing and maintaining all Gas Flow Measurement equipment.
  2. Provide field support for the IT department, and field supervisors concerning communication, data transfer and maintenance issues dealing with SCADA equipment.
  3. Work closely with other Service operators on installing and interfacing a wide range of monitoring equipment.
  4. Certified in calibration techniques and standards set forth in the Natural Gas Measurement Handbook published by the American Gas Association.
  5. Required to have a strong understanding of intrinsically safe definitions and standards concerning wiring of gas flow measurement equipment.
  6. Responsible for maintaining and ordering parts and materials to ensure proper installation of all SCADA equipment to meet gas flow measurement and intrinsically safe standards.
  7. Work closely with inventory supervisor and facilities engineer to track and maintain equipment for insurance and invoice purposes.
  8. Work closely with Production Engineer to report any problems, concerns or issues concerning gas measurement.
  9. Install breaker panels, lighting, outlets and other electrical components in man camps, offices etc.
  10. Test, troubleshoot, and if necessary, replace low voltage electric motors on various pieces of equipment in the field.
  11. Work with electrical contractors to assist in maintenance of other low voltage panels, generators and pumps.

Excellent communication (verbal/written), interpersonal, decision-making, problem-solving, and planning skills are required. High standards of ethics and the ability to effectively use confidential information in tactful ways in a corporate setting are needed.

EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE: B.S. Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering desired and/or combination of technical school certification and minimum 5 years of gas field experience.
Knowledgeable in concepts of natural gas gathering, pipeline operations, gas processing, and compressor station facilities.
Must be able to work with and interact with others in field operations group as well as Safety, Environmental, IT and Engineering Departments. Capable of performing duties independently with minimal supervision and/or working in a close-knit team setting.