Pennsylvania General Energy Company Information

Pennsylvania General Energy

Our website serves as an introduction to PGE, a Pennsylvania based company doing business in the Appalachian basin since 1978.  Over the course of years, our mission has remained just as it started “to produce the energy we need and protect the environment we treasure.” Throughout the course of operating our business, creating and sustaining positive relationships with the people we engage is paramount. On behalf of PGE’s dedicated employees, I hope you find this website to be useful and informative.


Douglas E. Kuntz
President & CEO

PGE is headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania and successfully produced oil and natural gas for since 1978. PGE operates nearly 200 oil and natural gas wells, and has become a leading energy production company in the Appalachian Basin.

We utilize a number of technologies to discover and develop our oil and natural gas wells. PGE’s geologists and engineers often rely on two or three dimensional seismic testing to identify oil and natural gas reserves, and use many advanced techniques to develop new assets to stay in the forefront of our industry.

PGE is proud of its economic and environmental contributions to the communities in which we operate. Our operations support local economies through employment efforts as well as contributions which have a significant positive impact on the vibrancy of the areas throughout PA.  We are equally proud of our commitment to safety and environmental programs which demonstrate responsible stewardship and use of industry’s best management practices in every aspect of planning, constructing and operating our wells.