Drilling Engineer

By relying on the right people, advanced technology and a personal business approach, we are searching for a Drilling engineer who will be responsible for the following duties:

• Responsible for creating well plans and specifications for multi-pad, multi-formation fields with high degrees of collaboration with Geology, Environmental Engineering, Economic Analysis, Land, and Legal Departments.
• Responsible for horizontal well planning accounting for anti-collision, optimal reservoir development, and provides input for operational and design evaluation and development of recommendations.
• Develops well drilling AFE’s and monitors drilling costs.
• Monitors drilling operations within assigned Operating areas, and makes assessments for efficiencies to Drilling Manager.
• Develops drill sequence for pad development.
• Assists with review/evaluation of new directional tools (motors, rotary steerable, MWD, LWD), to identify most efficient and economical means of drilling directional wells.
• Evaluates effectiveness of water/mud cleaning and cuttings drying operations.
• Responsible for well casing and cementing design and procedures.
• Responsible for understanding and making recommendations to real time drilling parameters (bits, BHAs, ROP, TFA, WOB, pump strokes, pipe rpms, torque, etc) and drilling mud parameters/hydraulics (mud type, mud weight, YP’s, PV’s, LGS, ECD-management, lost circulation, etc.) for overall drilling optimization and blow out prevention.

Candidates must have a B.S. degree in Engineering and minimum 3-5 years of engineering, experience, and emphasis on Appalachian basin is a plus. Excellent understanding of engineering principles related to hydraulics, casing design, cementing and drilling operations, and well planning.

If you possess the above qualifications, relevant work experience and wish to work for an extraordinary company with comprehensive benefits and a competitive wage, please apply online by clicking here