Facilities/Construction Engineer

Summary:  Provides field engineering support and serves as a resource in all areas of gas processing with the ability to work cross functionally throughout the organization. Must possess good project management skills used in the development of projects including scope, scheduling, budget forecasting, cost tracking/analysis, and risk identification and mitigation.

  1. Oversees natural gas facility and equipment design including reciprocating compressors, gas processing and dehydration equipment and water handling
  2. Develop specifications and standards of design for gas processing and mechanical equipment packages to optimize construction and maintenance costs.
  3. Equipment selection and specification for gas system components such as piping, control valves, regulators, isolation valves, strainers, filters, pressure/temperature/flow instrumentation, vessels, heaters, compressors.
  4. Generate and review AFE’s for capital expenditures
  5. Trial new technologies to determine viability at larger scale for full implementation.
  6. Generate project alternatives, cost estimates, secure project funding, accurately track and forecast project expenses, submit project closure documentation
  7. Perform engineering calculations related to the design standards for natural gas facilities and pipelines.
  8. Project planning and management for safe execution of projects with predictable cost, schedule and performance.
  9. Serve as a subject matter expert for gas processing and compression facilities and provide technical support to all functional departments, as part of troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, and optimization during routine operations, upsets and start up.
  10. Develop RFP bid documents, conduct bid process, prepare detailed bid analysis and recommend final contractor selection to management
  11. Evaluate independent contractors in relation to setting schedules, monitoring costs and reviewing work including ISN rating, MSA status and staff certifications
  12. Assist with optimizing operational gas compression and processing equipment, revision of operating parameters to reflect changing operating conditions and preparation and implementation of preventative maintenance protocols to improve long term equipment reliability.
  13. Evaluate if existing equipment can be redeployed from inventory and develop inspection/testing standards to ensure equipment is fit for service
  14. Responsible to lead after action reviews of facility design and incorporate recommended changes into future designs
  15. Responsible for technical application and iterations including process engineering software as well as model-based applications. Periodically runs compressor performance software for correct setting of cylinder pockets and suction/discharge pressures.


  1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. 
  2. Three years commensurate experience with emphasis in gas processing facilities and compressor mechanical design and operation, project management, and technical analysis as described.
  3. Effective written and oral communication skills.
  4. Strong focus on safe work practices.
  5. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 6. Familiarity and ability to read and interpret electrical and mechanical drawings and diagrams, including flow charts, cause/effect diagrams, and piping and instrument drawings.