Facilities Construction Supervisor

Summary:  The Facilities Construction Supervisor closely collaborates with project managers and contractors to ensure that designs are per the defined scope of work while aligning with project specifications, and financial projections. The Facilities Construction Supervisor utilizes knowledge of engineering principles and practices. Ability to recognize potential issues during construction and can effectively communicate those issues to the various stakeholders to ensure timely resolution.


Other duties may be assigned as needed.

  1. Reviews design changes during construction and facilitates approval. Ensures that project changes are properly executed, documented, and approved.
  2. Oversee and conduct field operations related to facilities installation, maintenance, and repair operations. Ensures coordination between management and contractors.
  3. Maintain a strong understanding of industry best practices
  4. Assist project manager to ensure that project is carried out as designed.  Responsible to communicate and distribute all reviews and audits of, and disseminates all regulatory updates across departments within PGE.
  5. Read and follow plans, material lists and guidelines, and apply necessary timelines
  6. Review bill of materials and construction drawings for accuracy prior to construction
  7. Read and interpret construction drawings and plans including P&IDs, General Arrangements, ISOs, Piping Plans, and Civil Plans
  8. Provides supervision and leadership for all assigned crews to complete projects. Interfaces with respective stakeholders.
  9. Organize construction crews and coordinate simultaneous operations (SIMOPS)
  10. Conduct safety activities and issue safety permit forms
  11. Oversees the commissioning and troubleshooting of new facilities
  12. Assists with the routing of new pipelines for constructability
  13. Track and complete punch list items throughout the construction phase to post-commissioning
  14. Submit daily reports and photos of construction progress and upload into company systems
  15. Balance resources across multiple projects
  16. Provide support and resources for crews
  17. Oversee Supply Chain with inventory control and tracking necessary to complete projects
  18. Oversee third party project managers, consultants and contractors. Ensures that contract administration services are in compliances prior to vendors/contractors engage in work.
  19. Responsible to work across company departments and collaborate in the preparation of cost estimates, and the execution of plans for pipeline and facility projects.
  20. Provide project updates to key company stakeholders.


  • 5-7 years industry experience, engineering background preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to effectively scope and communicate design standards to external contractors to ensure a good end product
  • Multi-tasking capability; prioritization of work flow and tasks.
  • Must possess strong analytical and systematic decision making, and ability to mitigate risk.
  • Adapts to change and must demonstrate ability to effectively negotiate